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Our Pilates Offerings

Private Session
The most effective way to focus on your own unique needs, posture, spine mobility, and physicality. Maximize your time working on strength,injuries, or chronic issues. You will gain an understanding of the various Pilates concepts and movements, while learning how to apply them to your body and your other activities. An initial private is strongly encouraged to prepare you for maximizing your safety and results of group equipment classes.


Partner Session

 You and a friend - or work out partner - explore and learn the principles of Pilates on all the studioequipment, while still benefiting from individual attention and instruction.

Pilates Mat Class (maximum 10 students)
These classes offer the fundamentals of all Pilates work.Mat classes are a series of fluid floor work exercises using your body as the resistance and assistance along with gravity designed to develop a long, strong, and flexible foundation, and to kick your butt!

Reformer Classes (maximum 5 students)
Utilize the primary Pilates apparatus, allowing you to pursue your individual goals within an energetic group. The spring resistance and moving carriage of this specialized equipment provides a challenging, bone strengthening endurance workout. Best of all, the equipment is easily customizable for the user which allows individuals to work at an appropriate fitness level. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes are offered.

Springboard/Tower Classes (maximum 5 students)

The work is done on a mat, directly below a long wall board with springs – hence the name “Springboard”.  Springboard work offers a greater challenge and opportunity to work on imbalances in the body (maybe it’s time for that left leg to start pulling its own weight, right?). The Pilates Springboard classes take you through a warm-up, core strengthening, upper body and lower body conditioning program for all levels accommodating a variety of client needs. Feel the burn with the Tower of Power.

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